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Loving Thy Neighbour

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At Saughall All Saints, we try to show that we love our neighbours in lots of different ways and we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who helps us to do this.




We celebrated the start of Children's Mental Health Week with a Collective Worship all about the focus for this year: My Voice Matters.

Each child chose someone who helps them to feel like they matter and wrote a letter to them to say thank you. 

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On Thursday 14th December, the choir, along with the choirs from St Oswald's school, Doddleston School, Guilden Sutton and The Bishops' Blue Coat High School, joined together to perform a Christmas Carol concert to raise money for the local charity 'Save the Family'. 

The children were fabulously behaved and the singing was amazing. They raised £275.85 and we want to say a massive thank you to all the parents who were able to come to the concert and gave so generously.

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The choir were asked to sing for the local Soup and Pud Christmas lunch on Monday 11th December. They were amazing and everyone said how fabulous their singing was.

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This year, we raised a lot of money for Alder Hey children's hospital through the kind donations made at our amazing Christmas performances.

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We asked each child to bring in a small donation. These donations were totalled up for each class and the children then chose presents that they would like to purchase for children in the local area whose families are struggling to buy presents this year. KidsBank sent us a wish list and the children spent time in class choosing what they wanted to buy. 

Thank you so much to all parents for their generous donations. We raised a total of £324.88 and bought 25 presents. Below are pictures of each class with their chosen presents.

Year 5 and 6

Miss Humphreys'.jpg  Mrs Ashdown's.jpg

Mr Dewdney's.jpg

Year 3 and 4

Mr Fuller's class.jpg  Mrs H and H.jpeg  

Mr Dixon's.jpeg

Year 1 and 2

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Mr Murphy's.jpg




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A huge thank you to the families that created these wonderful shoe box gifts and to the families who donated online at Teams4U. The shoe boxes were picked up yesterday and will be heading out to Europe in the next few weeks. I know the children who receive these will really appreciate them. 


Year 3/4 led our Harvest service this year and all the generous donations of food were given to the local Foodbank. Thank you to everyone who donated. Our table was so full that we had didn't have enough room for everything!

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SAS Summer Show

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On Wednesday 12th July, we invited the more senior members of our community into school for an afternoon concert. The School council, Bible Explorers group, Ethos group and KS2 Choir helped the teachers to plan the afternoon and were there during the event, talking to the visitors, helping them with the quizes we had set up and performing for them. We also served tea, coffee and treats to our visitors. 

It was a fantastic afternoon and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. One couple emailed us and said: "Thanks for the welcome we received yesterday afternoon at school. The singing was fantastic, the children were so welcoming and attentive (and smart) and the Good Samaritan play compared favourably with the Mystery Plays which we saw last week. Tea and cakes were delicious (I had two). We even managed quite a few of the quiz questions."

Another said: "Just a little card to say a HUGE THANKYOU to you all for giving us 'oldies' in the village such a lovely treat. Your welcoming smiles, cheeky chatter and beautiful voices and actions brought happy memories and joy to us all."

We also invited Councillor Simon Eardley to join us and he wrote: "It was a real pleasure to join Saughall All Saints CofE Primary School today alongside residents invited to the Summer Concert for older folks. The singing was fantastic, there was much fun to be had with various challenging quizzes and such obvious delight on the faces of those present and the young people who performed for us. What a fabulous learning environment that clearly puts into practise the principles of 'Love, learn and grow together'." 

Thank you to all the parents and families who sent in cakes and biscuits. As you can see, these were most welcome and enjoyed by all. 


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We really felt as a school that we should do something to help the people of Turkey and Syria after the devastation caused by the massive earthquakes in February. After some research into the best way to help, it was decided that we would raise some money by having a non-uniform day and a cake sale, which our lovely Ethos group, alongside Mrs Pickering, Mrs Ashdown and Mrs Prenton ran. Mrs Prenton also led an act of worship on the day, showing the children where Turkey and Syria are and what the money raised would be going towards.

In total, we raised £613. Thank you to all our wonderful families for their generous donations of money and cakes.



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For Lent this year, we wanted to do something a little different that links to our school Christian Vision.

Each year group was given an area to focus on:

Year 5/6- caring for the world

Year 3/4- injustice

Year 1/2- caring for ourselves

Reception- how we love each other and work together in school.

Within each year group, the classes took a different strand of the focus, for example in Y3/4, one class focused on Black Lives Matter, another on education for all, and the third on equality for people with disabilities. The children then researched this strand for their February half term homework. They reported back their findings to their classmates and each class then created a joint piece of work for the display in the hall.

This Lent project has hopefully helped our children to think more about how they can 'Love, learn and grow together' and how they can 'Love their neighbours as themselves.'



On Friday 26th May we had a non-uniform day to raise money for the work that Christian Aid do. We raised £222.05 to help fund education in other countries around the world. 

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This year, instead of giving something up for Lent, each class chose a charity and raised money for that charity through putting change in Smarties' tubes during Lent. This money was then sent to the chosen charity along with a letter from the class explaining what they had done and why.

RECEPTION British Heart Foundation £52.15
MR MURPHY'S UNICEF/Born Free £40.98
MRS HUGHES/MRS HOOPER British Red Cross £70.95
MRS ALLASON War Child £65.98
MR GRAHAM Alder Hey £77.14
MR AMESBURY Guide Dogs £58.14
MRS ASHDOWN Alopecia UK £34.32

We had letters back from Alder Hey, the British Heart Foundation and the RSPCA thanking the children for their support and explaining what the money would be used for.



Christian aid week.png

In May, school supported the work of Christian Aid Week by having a non-uniform day and cake sale. As a school, we raised £530.97.



Sponsored walk y12 (2).jpg   Sponsored walk y56 (2).jpg

In July, we did a sponsored walk to raise money for the schools we suppport in Zambia and Uganda. The sport's ambassadors took the lead on organising and running the day. They decided that each year group would walk a certain distance and wear something different.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were all asked to bring in a teddy that linked to African animals and they walked 2 miles.

Year 3/4 were asked to wear animal masks or paint their faces like African animals and they walked 3.5 miles.

Year 5/6 were asked to wear colours from the Zambian and Ugandan flags and they walked 5 miles.

We raised a massive £2800. The money that went to Uganda has been used to buy sporting equipment for the children there and the money sent to Zambia has been used to buy school uniform for the children. 




In September, we ran a Macmillan coffee morning. The children came to school wearing non-uniform and brought in cakes which were then sold during the coffee morning. Each year group then sang 2 songs during the morning whilst the parents ate cake and drank tea and coffee. We raised a massive £1185.



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For harvest this year, we donated food to the local food bank. Year 3/4 led us in a Harvest celebration and taught us about what harvest is and why it's important. 


During the week leading up to Remembrance Day, we sold poppies in school and we had a special act of worship all about why Remembrance Day is so important.



This year, for advent, we created our own reverse advent calendar. Each class chose two special things that they would like to do to show kindness to other people and to the world. These were then put into the Gingerbread Man advent calendar and were taken out one at a time each day during advent. Each class then tried to do the act of kindness throughout that day.

Some examples of acts of kindness are:

  1. Say thank you to someone who does things for us everyday, e.g. our parents, Mr Hopkinson, Mrs Prenton
  2. Put some bird seed out for the birds
  3. Make a card for the bin men to say thank you
  4. Draw a picture for someone you love 



IMG_1075(1).JPG      IMG_1084.JPG

On 15th December, the choir joined together with 4 other schools choirs from across Chester to raise money for the schools we support in Zambia. The schools all learnt 3 joint songs and then 2 individual songs, which they performed at the concert. It was held at The Bishops' Blue Coat High School and parents were invited to come and watch.

The schools performed amazingly and the behaviour of all children was outstanding. We raised £360 which will be used to provide much needed medicine and vaccinations for the children in Zambia.



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